Delivery Boom Fuels E-Bike Leasing

May 2021

In the business world, disruptions not only render the best-laid plans moot. They also open up opportunities for companies nimble enough to think on their feet. Berlin e-bike leasing start-up GetHenry could write a book on that.

The firm’s initial focus was providing e-scooters to hotels, but with the coronavirus largely shutting down the hotel industry, GetHenry was in trouble. It rescued itself by switching over to providing e-bikes to food delivery services.

“Delivery services are growing amazingly fast and have to solve thousands of problems at once,” GetHenry CEO and co-founder Luis Orsini-Rosenberg, a veteran of Uber’s German subsidiary, told business magazine Wirtschaftswoche. “They’re really grateful to have someone take over fleet management.”

For fees starting at EUR 79 a month, GetHenry provides delivery heavyweights like Wolt, LIeferando and Gorillas with the two-wheelers and maintenance they need to supply their customers with food. The start-up is currently engaged in raising developmental capital and hopes to expand to cities throughout Europe along with the delivery services.

The founders of GetHenry: Luis Orsini-Rosenberg and Nikodemus Seilern © GetHenry