Delivery Drones

December 2019

In the future, pizzas may be delivered to your door not by the delivery guy or gal, but by a machine. The start-up Emqopter has succeeded in developing the first fully autonomous, licensed delivery drone for urban airspace.

And the company’s aspirations hardly stop there. “In the short and medium term, we see the possibilities of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to optimize intralogistic tasks,” says Emqopter co-founder Paul Benz. “The use of drones in the mobility sector is an obvious choice especially in the context of the shift towards industry 4.0, where it is more and more important to increase efficiency, release human resources for demanding tasks and let the stupid, time-consuming work be done by machines.”

Emqopter developed the drone for its pilot customer Jopp Automotive in Bad Neustadt in northern Bavaria.

© EmQopter