Demand for Heat Pumps in Germany Hits New Highs

August 2022

According to figures from the Federation of the German Heating Industry (BDH), 25 percent more new heat pumps were delivered in the country in the first half of 2022 than in the same period the year before. The raw numbers rose from 76,500 to 96,000, and heat pumps’ share of the market went from 17 to 21 percent.

Conversely, sales in gas heating units have declined by some ten percent, calculates business newspaper Handelsblatt. The paper calls these parallel developments “the first evidence of a fundamental change” in the heating sector.

Earlier this week, Chancellor Olaf Scholz toured a factory owned by Viessmann, one of the leading German heating-sector manufacturers. There he lauded heat pumps as Germany’s future.

“This is about the most modern sorts of technology, which will enable us to use heat and protect our climate without having to call upon fossil fuels, as we have until now,” Scholz said after his visit.

Viessmann says it intends to invest EUR one billion in the next three years in R&D and expanding production capacities. Fellow heating-unit producer Vaillant is planning to continue or increase its current annual investments of some EUR 300 million. And Stiebel Eltron will invest more than EUR 600 million by 2027.

“The orders received by Stiebel Etron doubled within a year,” company CEO Kai Schiefelbein told Handelsblatt.

Deliveries in July were at 94 percept of maximum capacity, according to industry association ZVSHK.

Vitovalor heat pump © Viessmann