Desalinating Seawater with Solar Power

February 2019

The United Nations estimates that nearly one billion people have no access to clean drinking water. Many of them live in harsh conditions in remote parts of the world, but one thing they often do have is lots of sunshine.

With this in mind, the engineers at Berlin-based Boreal Light developed a robust, affordable, outdoor system that can desalinate and filter seawater, or brackish water, providing up to 650 liters of potable water – free of contaminants, bacteria and viruses – per day, or enough for over 250 people.

The “Winture Platen Cube” devices are designed to work in off-grid areas, require minimal maintenance, and be powered by a relatively small solar array or wind turbine rather than a diesel generator.

As an added bonus, the device also supplies low-voltage electricity for charging phones or radios, as well as hydrogen gas that can replace firewood or charcoal as a cooking fuel.

Dr. Hamed Beheshti, co-founder of Boreal Light GmbH © Boreal Light