Digital Health Care

July 2019

German Health Minister Jens Spahn has put forward comprehensive draft digital health-care legislation. The goal is to allow patients to profit from health-care apps on their smartphones and to better integrate the health-care sector.

Germany’s 20,000 drugstores will required next year to join a central health data network, and they will be followed by Germany’s two thousand hospitals in 2021. By that year, German health insurers will have to offer electronic files, and doctors will commit themselves to making diagnoses, X-rays and inoculation records available electronically.

Spahn hopes that digitalization will also make it easier for patients to book appointments. Meanwhile some regional medical associations now allow doctors to consult with patients per video chat. In future, it will be easier for apps to be certified as medicinal products, eligible for health insurance repayment.

Data synchronization of health book between smartwatch and smartphone ©