Digital Sector in Germany Feeling Optimistic

May 2021

Bitkom, the main German digital industry association, has registered a significant improvement in the mood of businesses in the branch. The Bitkom monthly index shot up 5.6 points in April, reaching 38.1 points – the highest it’s been since November 2018.

“Business in the digital sector is as good as it has been for a long time,” Bitkom President Achim Berg said in a statement. “The sector has resisted the short-term setbacks that so many other areas of business have had to go through during the Corona crisis. The pandemic has driven digitalization in all areas, and as soon as other branches of the economy recover, we expect an additional boost to investments.”

Bitkom also found that more than half of the digital companies it surveyed intended to hire additional labor in the coming three months – perhaps the most reliable indicator of optimism in the industry.


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