Digitalizing Germany’s Public Administration


January 2022

Digitalization is one of the top priorities of the new German government, and one of the focuses is on modernizing Germany’s public offices and streamlining often cumbersome, twentieth-century processes. The initiative is both crucial to businesses’ ability to succeed and a business opportunity in its own right.

That, at least, is the thinking behind a company called DigitalService4Germany (DS4G), which describes itself as a “tech task force” for governmental ministries. DS4G was founded in 2019 by Christina Lang, a former McKinsey consultant and two colleagues.

As detailed in a report by business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, the company operates three programs. One brings together so-called Fellows, recent university graduates, with ministry employees to develop up-to-date software prototypes. Another deploys experienced business people to teach administrators how start-ups work and managers structure projects. The final program is an in-house that develops long-term governmental solutions, for instance, for the Ministry of Finance.

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