Disinfecting Ambulances

June 2020

Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Institute and the vehicle equipping company BINZ Ambulance- und Umwelttechnik have come up with a system for disinfecting emergency service vehicles using UVC light.

“Thanks to Fraunhofer’s know-how in the area of UVC technology and our expertise in the area of constructing special vehicles, we’ve been able to develop an optimal solution for our customers by integrating modular light boxes directly into the interior roof of the vehicle,” BINZ CEO Cathrin Wilhelm said on the Fraunhofer homepage. “This makes it possible to disinfect the entire cabin highly efficiently, within ten minutes.”

After being disinfected, surfaces are 99.99 percent free of viruses, bacteria and microbes, developers say. The air inside vehicle cabins is also cleansed simultaneously.

Ambulances equipment with the UVC disinfectant are set to go on the market in the fall of 2020.

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