Don’t Return to Sender

December 2019

E-Commerce and mail order may be extremely fashionable, but fashion itself remains a problem area. In Germany 40 percent of all clothing ordered online is sent straight back to sellers, often because it doesn’t fit.

Munich start-up says it has found a solution to the problem: an app that allows customers to determine their precise size from home. Shoppers need only hit a “find size” button on retailers’ websites, then rotate 360 degrees in front of their mobile phone and enter a few basic body measurements.

“We’ve already reached the level of a professional tailor,” says Presize “Growth Guru” Leon Szeli. “A year ago, you would have needed an expensive 3d scanner to do this.”

Szeli and his co-founders Awais Shafique and Tomislav Tomov, all in their mid-20s, hope to convince major online retailers to use the app, which could potentially be a big cost saver. The EHI Retail Institute estimates that process articles sent back by online purchasers costs an average of 10 euros per item.

The founders of Leon Szeli, Tomislav Tomov, Awais Shafique ©