Dresden Project Uses AI to Improve Semiconductor Production

October 2021

Making microchips requires completely sterile environments and lots of ultrapure water. That always meant, in turn, that the control valves for such water had to be laboriously monitored by human beings. But not any more.

The Digital Product Factory (DPF) pilot project carried out at chipmaker GlobalFoundries’ production facility in the eastern German city of Dresden has come up with a solution using artificial intelligence to monitor the system. It detects potential problems and defects at an early stage, improving reliability and maintaining the production flow.

The DPF was a collaborative effort including GlobalFoundries, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, the Smart Systems Hub and the Dresden IoT start-up Coderitter. The new system, called Smart Maintenance MVP, was devised in a matter of weeks.

“It is always impressive to see how large industrial partners, startups and medium-sized companies can achieve measurable results in the space we created…in just three months,” said Smart Systems CEO Michael Kaiser in a statement. “The fact that after Digital Product Factory #2 all project partners are now continuing to work with the Smart Maintenance MVP makes me particularly proud.”

„With T-Systems MMS and the Smart Systems Hub, we had a team at our disposal that brought in a very broad skillset that is not available internally in this particular form,” added GlobalFoundries Fellow Process Engineer Axel Preusse.

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