Dresden Start-Up “Liberates” Robots with Wi-Fi

August 2021

Many state-of-the-art robotic systems require 5G technologies, but that creates some problems. 5G networks are relatively expensive, and dead spots can potentially render robots non-operational or even dangerous.

Dresden start-up Meshmerize has developed an alternative based on so-called mesh networks, previously used to connect appliance without cables. The technical term is single path routing protocols, but essentially it’s a technology comparable to Wi-Fi.

“With our system, robots can communicate with one another,” Meshmerize COO Simon Wunderlich told online business magazine Gründerszene.

“We liberate these devices from their imaginary cables,” added company founder Sreekrishna Pandi.

Among the investors in Meshmerize is Berlin VC Atlantic Labs. The company is planning to work together with robot manufacturers, with one main focus being on logistics. The International Federation of Robotics puts the value of purchased and leased logistics robots in 2020 at nearly two billion USD.

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