Dresden University Builds Giant Flywheel Energy Storage

October 2021

The Technical University of Dresden hopes that bigger will not only be better but also point down a new path for the future.

The eastern German institution has constructed a pilot 500 kilowatt rotation mass energy storage (RMK) that’s roughly five times the size of a normal unit. The project, called DEMIKS, is aimed at exploring the usefulness of such systems, which could be installed, for instance, directly adjacent to windmills to reduce power loss in storage.

“Our goal was the greatest energy capacity in a single unit,” project member Frank Hänel told the website energiesystemforschung.de. “We want to test and expand the limits of material, sealing and storage for this technology.”

Flywheel energy storages are typically used to capture kinetic energy in trains as they break while entering stations. They are extremely robust and low-maintenance, and engineers hope they will be able to develop further industrial applications.

© DEMIKS, TU Dresden