Driverless E-Shuttles in Hamburg

July, 2018

An ambitious R&D project to offer an ecofriendly and fast alternative to cars in Hamburg was announced in June. The HEAT (Hamburg Electric Autonomous Transportation) project, which will begin its first phase in 2019, will eventually see driverless, 16-passenger e-shuttles integrated into the real traffic of a test area in the HafenCity district. The ultimate goal is to have an entirely autonomous operation in place before the ITS World Congress in 2021. The project will be spearheaded by Hamburger Hochbahn, the city’s main transportation system operator, and involve a number of partners, including Siemens, IAV automotive engineering (the e-shuttle’s developer) and the city-state’s Ministry of Science, Transport and Innovation.

Five meters long, capacity for 10-16 persons, electrically driven: this is the vehicle for the HEAT project in HafenCity. © IAV GmbH

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