Drone Defenses

January 2021

The incrementally expanding number of drones in use in Germany is generally a positive development, but it also brings the problem of how to keep unmanned aircraft out of areas where they are unwanted and potentially harmful.

Start-up Dedrone, founded in the central German city of Kassel in 2014, has developed a system of sensors to help ward off airborne intruders. Its customers include some fifteen airports around the world as well as fifty prisons and an unspecified number of companies eager to deter industrial spying.

Dedrone has attracted more than EUR 35 million in capital investment since it set up shop, including EUR 10.3 million in 2020. In 2016, the company moved its headquarters to San Francisco to be located in its most important market, the United States. The majority of its employees, however, still work in Germany.

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