Drone Mission Planners are Tesla’s New Neighbors

March 2021

In 2021, the US-Portuguese drone infrastructure company EVA was looking to expand its business in the fast-growing, future-oriented sector of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector. Germany Trade & Invest helped the young firm set up shop in Germany – in the town of Wildau in the state of Brandenburg near Berlin. We asked EVA spokesperson Isabel Nacke about the company’s new home.

Where does EVA see itself in the German UAV market?

It’s anticipated that drones can substantially drive down the costs of transporting goods and hopefully people. What we at EVA saw in the past is that of the 3 billion euros that have been invested overall in the UAV industry, only one percent has directly gone into infrastructure. This is where we want to come in. We want to build the foundation for successful drone missions. You have a tremendous amount of different use cases right now: transporting goods last mile, but also critical goods, hospital management and obviously all sorts of inspection and surveillance. All these missions will need the place where they can be controlled from, where drones can charge and land. This is ultimately what we would like to provide.

Why did EVA settle on Germany?

Essentially German quality speaks for itself. Now that we’re trying to streamline production, it was extremely important for us to find manufacturing partners and suppliers that truly know what they’re doing. Here in Germany we found a vast land of all different technologies. We’ve got all the hardware companies. We have a strong software side. What’s beautiful is that our innovation is like a plug-and-play model. We can really onboard a lot of future-of-technology, future-of-mobility innovations. And that’s why we believe that Germany right is the perfect location for us. To build a foundation here, to build a foundation for the UAV industry and then slowly but maturely expand all across Europe and abroad.

And how did you decide upon Wildau? Were you attracted by the new Tesla gigafactory and the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport?

We ended up here in Wildau on the outskirts of Berlin rather by chance. But now we believe that this location offers the perfect mix of being in such close proximity to the capital but giving us so much space to explore our R&D capabilities, to do drone test flights, and to invite other drone companies to come and fly with us and engage in all sorts of research and development. The entire area here in the entire southeastern part of Berlin…it’s exhilarating what’s happening with Tesla coming in, with the new airport finally opening up. You can really feel the buzz around here that innovative companies want to come in and change the status quo. So this kind of energy is quite contagious. And we love to be a part of it.

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