E-Bike Conversion Record

January 2020

The demand for e-bikes and pedelecs is really taking off in Germany and elsewhere in the West, but not all of the vehicles concerned start off their lives with electric propulsion. Some cyclists are converting their conventional two-wheeler into e-bikes, and that means opportunities for suppliers of conversion gear like Germany’s Pendix.

Founded in 2006 and located in the small eastern Germany city of Zwickau, the company increased its turnover by 30 percent in 2019, setting a new internal record. The growth was powered by new co-operation agreements in the cycle-crazy Netherlands and international expansion to countries including Australia.

Pendix’s new flagship product is its 999-euro conversion motor eDrive 150, which features a small, lightweight battery that’s ideal for short trips.

“Actually the trend is toward bigger and bigger batteries with more range, but the resonance we got from retailers and consumers significantly exceeded expectations,” Pendix CEO Thomas Herzog told the online platform Ebike News. “Apparently, we sniffed out an opportunity with our compact and resource-efficient model.”

Pendix has also had success with an app that measures data like pedaling frequency.

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