Silence is Golden

October 2019

MTU Aero Engines has purchased a ten-million-euro stake in the air taxi company e.Sat in the western German city of Aachen. The aircraft motor producer will be involved in the development and construction of an electro-hybrid motor for the air taxis.

A model of the five-seater taxis was presented in June. E.Sat hopes to get a prototype in the air by 2022 and begin regular operations in 2024.

The futuristic aircraft envisioned by developers needs only 400 meters for take-offs and landings, meaning that it could fly into the vast majority of German airports and airstrips. The proposed range is 1000 kilometers with top speeds of 100 kilometers an hour.

Best of all the hybrid engine will make the air taxis so quiet that the incidental noise will be inaudible at a distance of 100 meters.

Silent Air Taxi © e.SAT GmbH