Eight Winners at German Startup Awards

May 2022

The first live presentation of the German Startup Awards following the coronavirus pandemic has taken place in Berlin. The winners, which are split into four categories and by gender, covered everything from mental health to recycling plastic to reusable drinks cups to corporate diversity.

Founders of the Year: Nora Blum was honored for her online psychotherapy platform Selfapy, and Jochen Engert von Flix took the honors for Flixbus, Europe’s biggest long-distance bus network.

Newcomers of the Year: Johanna Baare for the circular-bio-economy-startup Traceless Materials, which works on a sustainable, petroleum-free  alternative to plastic, and Milan von dem Bussche for Qitech, which recycles production and plastic waste into 3D printing filaments.

Social Entrepreneurs of the Year: Natalya Nepomnyashcha, whose Netzwerk Chancen promotes economic opportunity and corporate diversity, and Florian Pachaly, whose Recup offers Germany’s largest deposit system for drink cups in cafés, grocery stores and elsewhere.

Investors of the Year: Bettine Schmitz and Auxxo Fund Management, a pre-seed and seed VC that supports companies with at least one female founder, and Filip Dames and Cherry Ventures that strives to make start-ups into unicorns and if one of Europe’s largest providers of capital for seed investments.

The winners of the German Startup Awards 2022 © Lukas Schramm Fotografie – Eventfotograf – Berlin