Electric Opels

October 2019

German carmaker Opel is following many of its competitors and going green.

Opel head Michael Lohscheller says that by 2024 the firm will offer electric versions of all its models. And by the first quarter of 2020, there will be an electric version of the carmaker’s flagship.
The e-Corsa will be twice as expensive as the conventional model, but Lohscheller argues that it will be worth the price.

“For their money, customers will get a lot of extras since this car contains technology and assistance systems normally only associated with higher classes of autos,” Lohscheller told the Tagesspiegel newspaper.

Next up for “electrification” will be the Mokka-X successor and small utility vehicles.

Lohscheller added that Opel would also seek to improve sustainability in its waste management, recycling and energy use.

Grandland X Plug-In Hybrid, e-Corsa and e-Astra © Opel AG