Electric Pedal Scooters

February 2019

We’ve all heard a lot of talk about “last-mile” package deliveries, but what about people deliveries, about that last 400 meters you have to walk uphill from your bus stop to your office door? People in Germany might soon have a solution to this and similar hassles: electric kick – AKA pedal – scooters (as opposed to motor scooters like Vespas).

Although they are currently forbidden in Germany, the federal ministries are reportedly working on changing legal regulations to give such scooters the green light very soon and thereby add them to the growing mix of urban mobility options. In anticipation of this change, the race is on to have plans and infrastructure in place for this increasingly popular transportation market.

For example, mytaxi, a Hamburg-based subsidiary of the Daimler Group and one of Europe’s top taxi-hailing apps, plans to launch a pilot project this year for a fleet of 200-500 battery-powered pedal scooters operating as part of a so-called “free-floating system”: An app helps users locate, activate and pay for a kick scooter, while they handle the driving themselves and leave the scooter wherever they want.

© mytaxi