E-Mobility in Berlin Public Transport Creates Opportunities

June 2021

Berlin is one of many German metropolitan areas that is converting to electric busses – by 2030 the capital intends to have its entire fleet, projected to encompass 1600 to 1800 vehicles, be emissions-free.

But before that can happen, reports local newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, the city will need to dramatically remake and expand its charging capacities.

“The biggest challenge is space and infrastructure,” Berlin transport authority chairman Rolf Erfurt told the paper. “Before we can buy more busses, we have to build new bus depots.”

Charging points will also have to be set up at major terminal stops, Erfurt adds, calling them “quantum leap that will be made every two or three years.”

The city new needs have opened up the market, Erfurt said, and various providers have made offers for the public tenders.

“The market is really in motion,” he explained. “We’re seeing completely new providers that are truly good. The established ones have their work cut out for them.”