Robotic Clean-up

July 2020

The Swiss have a reputation for being able to make everything run like clockwork. So leave it them to come up with an automated solution to sweeping up German streets and warehouses.

The start-up ENWAY aims to make the job of street cleaning more cost-effective.

Its founders, Thanuja Ambegoda, Bo Chen and Julian Nordt, come from Zurich – a “very clean city,” as they describe it – but chose to set up shop in considerably more chaotic Berlin in 2017 to develop an autonomous mobile cleaning vehicle.

They maintain that their industrial sweeping robot will reduce costs by 65 percent while delivering better cleaning results than machines driven by human beings. State-of-the-art sensors and 3D cameras guarantee that the vehicle has a 360-degree vision of its surroundings as it drives itself around city streets.

Founded in 2017, ENWAY has 25 employees and services clients who include the municipal public works company Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg and the government of Singapore. Investor Felix Haas gave ENWAY “five out of five” in a rating for Wirtschaftswoche magazine.

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