Estonia’s Skeleton to Put EUR 220m into German Supercapacitor Facility

July 2022

Estonian maker of supercapacitors Skeleton Technologies has committed to a major five-year investment in the Leipzig suburb of Markranstädt in eastern Germany. The company will spend EUR 220 million on a fully automated, digitalized manufacturing plant that will utilize technology from German electronics giant Siemens.

The facility is expected to slash production costs by nearly 90 percent. Skeleton supercapacitors are employed in transport, grid, industrial and automotive applications. They allow significant CO2 emissions reductions and energy savings.

“A number of Siemens business units are already Skeleton’s customers and as the energy transition gathers pace, we see the volumes increasing,” said Dr. Linus Froböse, Chief Operating Officer of Skeleton Technologies, in a company statement. “We will now also benefit from their world-class expertise in electrification, automation and digitalization to expand our manufacturing. This ramp-up will allow us to meet market demand for our next-generation products and make our new factory the largest and most modern supercapacitor factory in Europe.”

Since 2017, Skeleton has operated a production facility in Grossröhrsdorf, also located in the eastern German  regional state of Saxony.

Skeleton Technologies CEO Taavi Madiberk (left) and Chairman Oliver Ahlberg  © Skeleton Technologies