EU Allocates Millions for Corona Warning App

October 2020

The European Commission has released EUR 13 million from its Emergency Support Instrument to coordinate anti-corona warning apps across borders between EU member states. EUR 7 million will be paid out by the end of this year to German companies SAP and Telekom, with a further EUR 3 million to be spent on maintenance in 2021.

The idea is to network the German corona warning app with the EU Warn Gateway, allowing it to be used throughout the bloc.

The German app has been downloaded by 19.6 million people, and an estimated 16 million people in Germany actively employ it.  Apple and Google will now offer a 1.5 version with two additional functions. User can now keep daily records of their symptoms in a kind of digital diary, and the app functions in other EU countries, including Ireland and Italy, with Denmark, Latvia, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic set to follow.

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