EUR 3 Billion for Decarbonizing Heating Networks in Germany

August 2022

The European Commission has given the German government a green light for its massive Federal Support for Efficient Heating Networks (BEW) program. The initiative will see some EUR three billion spent between mid-September 2022 and 2026 to make heating in Germany more sustainable.

“Green district heating networks are a key for climate-neutral provision of heat and decisive in our efforts to reduce our dependency on fossil-fuel imports,” said German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck in a statement. “Many communities are ready to start transforming how they provide heat. With the go-ahead from Brussels for the BEW, they can get moving. With the support program we are creating incentives and are making plannable financing available for long-term transformations.”

The BEW will support up to 40 percent of investments in heating networks that run on renewable energy and recovered waste heat as well as in the expansion, consolidation and decarbonization of existing heating networks.

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