European Attractivenes Survey 2018

July, 2018

In early June, the global financial services giant EY published its “European Attractiveness Survey 2018.” The annual survey has two major parts: a presentation of the foreign investment projects in Europe in 2017, and a survey of 502 international decision-makers regarding the attractiveness of various locations in Europe. The former found that Germany was the second-most popular destination for FDI projects (greenfield projects and expansions) in Europe behind the UK: Germany attracted 1,124 projects, which represents a 6% increase over the previous year and a 17% share of the European total. Together, these projects created over 31,000 new jobs. Regarding specific sectors, Germany attracted the most projects in Sales & Marketing (686) and the second-largest number of projects in Logistics (86) and R&D (81). The survey found that Germany continues to be the by far the most attractive location in Europe, numbering among the top-three locations named by respondents 66% of the time, followed by France (56%) and the UK (52%). It also found that Germany has three of the top five European cities that are attractive to investors: Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. “Standort Deutschland 2018,” a special study focusing on Germany, presented the results of interviews with 210 executives on Germany. The managers were particularly positive about Germany’s infrastructure (transport & logistics), skilled workforce, and the stability and transparency of its political, legal and regulatory environments. It also found that 28% (+4% on the previous year) of the companies plan to invest in Germany in 2018, though the figure was 39% (+2%) for companies already active in Germany.

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