Excess German Data Center Heat Enough to Warm Medium-Sized City

July 2022

The excess heat generated by data centers alone would be enough to provide 350,000 dwellings with heating every year – that’s the conclusion of a study commissioned by German digital industry association Bitkom.

The study focused on data centers with an annual capacity of five megawatts and more. All told the output was 965 megawatts, about half of which could be used for heating.

“The excess heat from the data centers can be deployed in district heating for public facilities like swimming centers, for private households and also for commercial buildings,” Bitkom President Achim Berg said in a statement. “We shouldn’t continue ignoring this potential…In order to become independent from Russian gas and further protect the climate, we should exploit all available sources.”

Bitkom is calling for highly efficient heat pumps and other heat generators to be exempted from fees for using utility networks.

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