Fair Trade Claims More of German Market

May 2021

A growing number of consumers in Germany are demanding social equity when making their purchase decisions. According to the organization Fairtrade Germany, turnover in goods with the fairtrade seal of approval hit EUR 1.95 billion last year, compared to EUR 340 million in 2010 and a mere EUR 52 million in 2000.

Fairtrade coffee and cocoa led the way with EUR 492 million and EUR 478 million respectively, followed by fairtrade tropical fruits (EUR 182 million), textiles (EUR 178 million) and flowers (EUR 167 million).

Still although one-third of all roses sold in Germany are fairtrade, only five percent of coffee and a mere 0.3 percent of textiles in the country are. On average, consumers spend EUR 23 annually on equitably made products while companies shell out EUR 38 million to use the fair trade seal of approval.

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