FDI Perspective: DeepSource

DeepSource is a start-up recently founded in Berlin by the Egyptian engineer Ahmad Sharaf. It was an unusual choice of location in many ways, given the clientele he was aiming for.

June, 2022

“Yes, we’re in Germany, but we’re going to target clients in the Gulf states, where there is a clear gap when it comes to Arabic multi-dialect NLP solutions,” says CEO Ahmad Sharaf. He is referring to their Natural Language Processing (NLP), an AI-based technology that can imitate languages and makes it easier for Middle Eastern companies to connect with European-language companies.

There’s a sound reason why he wants the company to straddle very different markets. “We’re also going to target global and German companies who have Arab clients,” he says. “There are a lot of Arabic speakers in Germany, and especially in Berlin, who have to deal with banks and telecommunication companies.”

Sharaf did his homework before founding his company in Germany: There are lots of opportunities for AI solutions on the German market and demand is high for AI specialists in the local job market. “I found around 400 openings in one day,” he recalls.

DeepSource is still a very small company, but Sharaf hopes to expand someday. And the German government’s plans give him cause for optimism. “Definitely yes, it will make it easier for me,” he says. “If we go more digital, it’ll be easier for us to do everything online, and this will help people to come to Germany and start their own companies.”


founded in Berlin with just one employee


office in Germany, team of developers across the MENA region

Successful Projects:

an autonomous driving system, medical health platforms, intelligent meeting platforms


data science, machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Photo: DeepSource