FDI Reporting 2017

July, 2018

Germany Trade & Invest recorded 1,910 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in Germany in 2017, which will create at least 29,000 new jobs in total. The main sectors for the greenfield, expansion or relocation projects were: corporate and financial services (20%), ICT and software (16%), and the consumer goods industry (10%). While the most popular type of investment continues to be the opening of sales and marketing offices (39%), production and R&D represent 19% of all projects and process services account for 18%. Around 41% of the projects originated in EU member states, but notably, 22% came from Asia. Individually, the main source countries were the United States (276 projects), China (218), Switzerland (204), the UK (152), the Netherlands (124) and France (95). The 21% jump in FDI projects from the UK is viewed by many as a direct consequence of the Brexit decision. An additional 1,925 investments were made in Germany by means of mergers, acquisitions and shareholdings.

FDI chart © GTAI

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