Female Fintech: a Trend for 2021

January 2021

The fintech sector is booming in Germany, but there’s still obvious room for expansion. Online trading platforms, in particular, are dominated by men. So a number of companies are aiming to fill that gap by developing financial service and applications specifically targeted at women.

The Comdirect bank  has build up a community under the brand name Finanz-Heldinnen (finance heroines) and published a book about female financial planning that cracked the bestseller lists. Entrepreneur Natascha Wegelin’s community Madame Moneypenny is also doing millions in turnover with women-oriented workshops and books.

Other fledgling companies with names like Fina and Delightful Finance are also trying to exploit what is now a niche, but which has the potential to become a major market. And roboadvisors Financery and Fidelty Wealth Expert are already offering their services to money-conscious German women.

“Female fintech is the trend for 2021,” Delightful Finance co-founder Tim Oliver Pietsch told the Finance Forward website.

© GettyImages/Guido Mieth