Fintech Investment

January 2019

Finleap, Europe’s largest fintech company builder, already had big strategic investors from Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. And now a Chinese giant has joined the team: Ping An, one of the top 50 companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and one of the world’s largest and most valuable insurers.

In November, Ping An invested EUR 40 million for a 15 percent stake in the Berlin-based company. This marked the first investment in Europe of Ping An, which employs 22,000 programmers, more than 500 data-analysis specialists and 700 experts in blockchain technology.

Founded in 2014, finleap helps develop and foster business ideas offering promising solutions for digital financial companies and then find investors and founders for them. Among the 16 companies it has taken from the idea to the reality stage are the banking platform solarisBank and the fully digital insurer Element.

In a statement, finleap said that the fresh capital will support it “on its further growth course and will be used for the development of new technologies and companies as well as further geographic expansion.”