Flourescent Microscope Wins 2022 “German Future Prize”

October 2022

This year’s prestigious “German Future Prize” has gone to a team of scientists from Carl Zeiss Microscopy in the eastern German university town of Jena.

The team led by physicists Thomas Kalkbrenner, Ralf Wolleschensky and Jörg Siebenmorgen, came up with a new microscope that uses lasers to illuminate bio-marker-prepared cells and microorganisms.

The device renders biological process visible allowing for long-term scientific observation of cells. For example, it allowed researchers to observe how malaria invades bleed cells, after which they discovered that interrupting certain proteins could disrupt the parasitic cycle.

The Jena scientists prevailed against two other teams from Munich and Hamburg. One of the criteria for the prize is market-readiness.

© Deutscher Zukunftspreis