Thirty Under 30

June 2020

Business magazine Forbes’ 30 under 30 is one of the more prestigious accolades for young businesspeople. And this year’s Manufacturing and Industry Europe list has a bit of a German flavor. The following bright young stars were included.

Matthias auf der Mauer and Max von Düring – cofounders of Aisight, which uses sensor data to monitor factory machinery ad identify potential problems, thus reducing maintenance and repair times.

Alini Bassi – the British founder and CEO of Berlin-based company Kleiderly, which recycles textile wastes from discarded clothing into durable materials suitable for use in existing factory processes.

Felix Naser – the 28-year-old from Munich is already project lead for autonomous driving at BMW, having founded in a self-driving car start-up, Venti Technologies, which unveiled its first prototype in 2018.

Leopold Neuerburg – his company Building Radar, uses AI to analyze unstructured data to search for new construction, which might serve as prospects for customers. The company has raised nearly $8 million to date and is generating millions in revenue.

Daniel Steitz – cofounder and CEO of novoMOF, which produces advanced materials called metal-organic frameworks and has two dozen partners to commercialize applications such as harvesting drinking water from the atmosphere, increasing the shelf life of apples and absorbing carbon dioxide from industrial emissions.

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