“Forest Gum” – the Organic Chewing Gum

April 2020

The name may be a bit cringe-inducing, but Forest Gum founder Thomas Krämer says it’s a powerful marketing tool for his new brand of chewing gum, which is made from all-natural ingredients found in the sapodilla tree of Central and South America.

Krämer has a good track record with alternative food products, having worked for such successful German brands as ChariTea and Viva Con Aqua.

Forest Gum contains no sugar, artificial aromas, synthetic additives or plastic.

“It thus makes a contribution to protecting the climate and improving the quality of life in the areas where the raw materials are harvested,” promises Krämer.

Launched in early 2019, Forest Gum is already available for purchase in several major German supermarket chains.

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