Frankfurt Leads Data Centers Pack

May 2021

Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt is also the top address in German-speaking Europe for data centers – that’s the conclusion reached in a new study by consultants Pricewaterhousecoopers and and the German Data Center Association.

Frankfurt was deemed the most attractive city by a wide margin, followed by Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg and Zurich. That was in part down to the fact that one of the world’s largest Internet nexus, the German Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), is located within the city limits, the study found.

One company that needs no introductions to Frankfurt’s advantages in this regard is China Mobile International (CMI), the world’s largest mobile telephony provider in terms of client numbers.  CMI recently opened its first-ever continental European data center, an EUR 80 million facility, in Mörfelden near the Frankfurt Airport.

“Serving international customers, especially Chinese enterprises looking to expand in Europe, our new facility is helping confirm Frankfurt as a premier data center hub,” CMI Chairman and CEO Li Feng told regional business promotion agency Invest in Hessen.

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