Germany Hands out €117 Million for European Gaia-X Cloud Data Project

March 2022

The German government has handed out over EUR 100 million to 11 flagship initiatives working on creating applications to make the alternative European cloud, Gaia-X, a reality.

The recipients were chosen from among 130 applicants in a competition entitled “Innovative and Practical Uses and Data Spaces in the Digital Ecosystem Gaia-X” held by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

“The new German government supports the European Gaia-X project to build up a trustworthy, sovereign data infrastructure,” said State Secretary Franziska Brantner in a statement. “The flagship projects of the Gaia-X competition show how data can be shared and used on the Gaia-X basis for a wide variety of sectors.”

The winning projects encompass education, finance, health, construction, mobility, aerospace, the maritime economy and the public sector. Gaia-X is defined as “an initiative that develops a software framework of control and governance and implements a common set of policies and rules that can be applied to any existing cloud/ edge technology stack to obtain transparency, controllability, portability and interoperability across data and services.”