Gaia-X Project

February 2020

The Gaia-X project advocated by German Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier is a “decentralized hyperscaler” that would link individual data pools of leading German companies.

Altmaier argues that Germany and Europe need a data infrastructure that preserves the continent’s sovereignty against outside attack while simultaneously making data more available than at present. It is hoped that the platform will be ready for use in late 2020.

The German government is trying to improve IT security and create a forum for AI experimentation in one fell swoop. Participating companies include heavyweights such as Bosch, SAP, Telekom, Deutsche Bank and Siemens.

“As a next step, we want to get European partners on board and lend a concrete form to the project,” Altmaier told the FAZ newspaper.

“In the future data is going to be our most valuable natural resource,” the Ministry writes in a statement about Gaia-X.

© Pixaline on Pixabay