Galluping Ahead

August 2020

The renowned American pollster Gallup says that German leadership draws higher approval than that of any other country in the world.

In a survey published at the end of July, Germany’s approval rating was 44 percent for 2019. By comparison the approval ratings for the US, China and Russia were all in the low 30s.  It was the third year in a row that the country under Chancellor Merkel topped the pile.

Approval of German leadership is globally broad, with Germany receiving the highest rating from 54 different countries.

And Gallup says early indications from 2020 are that support for Germany is growing amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The pollster noted that German approval numbers are rising in host of European countries, Australia and the US.

Gallup gave ample credit to Merkel herself for the positive numbers.

“While robust support for the liberal international order was never the most politically expedient path for Merkel, it seems to have paid off at least in terms of leadership approval globally,” the pollster concluded.

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