German and Israeli Firms Collaborate on Lab-Grown Meat

January 2022

Aleph Farms from Israel is teaming up with Munich firm Wacker Chemie to develop a new procedure for producing cultivated meat, which is grown from animal muscle cells in a laboratory.

At present, lab-produced meat is prohibitively expensive, but the two firms hope they can use so-called growth medium proteins developed by Wacker. They promote cell growth and represent the main costs in synthetic meat production.

“The proteins are either not available on the market at all or only in R&D quantities,” Wacker Chemie told Reuters news agency. “The costs are currently up to a factor of 1,000 higher than the value we are aiming for.”

The partnership aims to begin selling its products to restaurants by the end of 2022 and go mass market four or five years after that.

© Aleph Farms