German Apps Help Fight Diabetes, Obesity

October 2021

Start-up Oviva from the city of Potsdam near Berlin believes that one key to combatting conditions like diabetes, obesity and physical intolerances is nutrition. So it has come up with two apps to help people manage what they eat.

Founded in 2014, the company says it has more than 200,000 users and has roughly doubled revenues over the past year. Oviva has taken in almost EUR 100 million in venture capital since it started business, including 68 million in 2021.

“More and more people are affected by chronic conditions that are often heavily influenced by nutrition,” Oviva CEO Kai Eberhardt said in an interview with the website Moneycab. “These diseases often cause significant costs for healthcare systems. Our goal is to combine excellent advice and technology to help avoid a large number of secondary illnesses, particularly costly ones, and assist our patients in living longer and happier lives.”

Patients prescribed nutritional counselling by their doctors can have the costs of the apps reimbursed from insurance companies, and some insurers cover the costs regardless as a preventative treatment. Oviva has also applied for its latest app to be officially certified as a digital health app, or Diga, in Germany, which means that it would be automatically covered by insurance policies.

Oviva also successfully operates in Britain, where its partners include the National Health Service.

Oviva co-founders Mark Jenkins, Kai Eberhardt and Manuel Baumann © Oviva