German Companies Going Paperless

November 2020

According to Germany’s leading digital business advocacy organization, bitkom, German firms are increasingly erasing their paper trails and implementing digital options.

That was the result of a representative survey of 1104 companies with more than 20 employees. Some six percent reported that they were doing away with paper entirely, while a further 30 percent said that they handled three-quarters of their work digitally. 36 percent stated that they used paper and digital processes equally.

The trend is particularly pronounced among large businesses with more than 500 employees. Two-thirds of them said that they were replacing paper with digital solutions.

“The German economy is making continued progress with digitalizing business processes,” said bitkom Digital Processes Department Director Nils Britze in a statement. “That has not only economic but ecological advantages. Documents can be found and updated quickly regardless of physical location, meter-long shelves and filing cabinets are no longer needed, and doing without paper ultimately conserves the environment.”

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