German Companies Named WEF Lighthouses

January 2023

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has honored two German firms as part of its Global Lighthouse Network initiative.

Multinational conglomerate was named a Sustainability Lighthouse.

“To reach its net zero target already by 2026, four years ahead of the corporate pledge, Siemens adopted digital process analysis and measurements, reducing its scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions by 69 percent normalized to volumes,” the WEF said. “In addition, to decarbonize its entire supply chain, the plant acts as an incubator to develop Fourth Industrial Revolution products such as a digital product pass and a blockchain-based software to exchange CO2 data with suppliers.”

Meanwhile, Australian company MantaMESH, which has expanded to the German town of Fröttstädt, was added to the network.

“With cost leadership being critical to compete as a SME in a highly competitive commodity market, MantaMESH developed a Fourth Industrial Revolution online manufacturing business model that connects customers to an automated fulfillment system,” the WEF wrote. “All online interactions are processed in real time, with a seamless connection to smart manufacturing plants. The result is a 261 percent increase in customer activity and 73 percent growth in production volumes while reducing energy consumption per kilogram produced by 32 percent.”

Germany Trade & Invest assisted MantaMESH in its expansion to Germany.

MantaMESH CEO Stephen Eddowes (in the middle) © WEF