German Consumers Continue Switch to Contactless Payment

May 2021

A new survey commissioned by digital business association bitkom has confirmed what anyone who has recently visited a German supermarket knows. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, shoppers are increasingly turning to electronic payment options.

85 percent of people surveyed between February and April said that they had used a card, mobile phone or smartwatch to pay for a purchase in that period. That was up from 79 percent last year.

Roughly half of respondents said they employed contactless payment options several times a week, several times a day or on a daily basis.

“Contactless payments has become the absolute standard since the coronavirus pandemic – and will remain so,” said bitkom CEO Bernhard Rohleder. “It’s comfortable, easy and, with biometric protection measures like fingerprint scanners on smart watches and smart phones, especially secure.”

That said, there’s room for growth, particularly in smart watch and smart phone payments. 60 percent of those surveyed said that they had yet to try those options, compared with only 15 percent who have never bought items with a card.

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