German Dronemaker Winging Along

December 2020

One of Germany’s most exciting unmanned aviation (vulgo: drone) start-ups, Wingcopter, has really taken off in 2020.

Germany’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has just awarded the company from the western German city of Darmstadt EUR 178,000 in government funding in recognition of the Wingcopter’s potential.

That followed the dronemaker being given the 2020 Entrepreneur Award in the regional state of Hessen by Germany’s economic development bank, the KfW. And that was only one of the recent accolades for the young company, which has partnered with logistics giant UPS.

The Wingcopter is the world’s fastest drone with top speeds of up to 240 kilometers an hour in good and bad weather. It is capable of autonomously avoiding obstacles like birds and power lines and can be used to bring payloads to remote areas. In May, it successfully completed a test of delivering Covid-19 tests to islands off the west coast of Scotland.

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