German H2 Heavy Vehicle Motor to Enter Serial Production

August 2021

German heavy vehicle manufacturer Deutz has announced it will bring its first-ever hydrogen-powered motor to the market.

The six-cylinder TCG 7.8 H2 differs from other H2 motors in that it doesn’t use battery cells but rather burns hydrogen like a conventional combustion engine. The motor has a capacity of 200 kilowatts and is CO2 neutral. It can be utilized broadly, the company said, but will likely initially be deployed for stationary applications and in trains.

“Deutz is a pioneer in climate-neutral mobility in the off-highway realm,” said Deutz Chairman Frank Hiller in a statement. “Now we’re taking the next step. Our hydrogen motor is ripe for the market. For us it’s a major milestone to do our bit as a company to reach the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.”

A pilot project aimed at producing electricity and testing the motor’s performance in practice is planned for next year, with serial production to commence in 2024.