German Mask Demand Likely to Remain High

June 2021

With the rise in anti-coronavirus vaccinations, numbers of Covid-19 cases have significantly dropped in Germany and elsewhere. But protective masks are almost certainly to stay in great demand – both because of state rules and personal preferences.

A poll commissioned by the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper found that 44.7 percent of those asked intend to keep using masks to avoid diseases even if the corona pandemic should end. That compares to 41.9 percent who said they looked forward to doing without facial coverings.

One positive side effect of the measures enacted to combat the pandemic, including mandatory mask wearing, has been dramatic drops in influenza rates over the past year and a half.

The poll follows news that US company 3M is ready to commence production of masks at a new facility in the western German town of Hilden. The company said it was confident that there would continue to be great demand for masks among governments, businesses and private citizens in Germany.

“In that regard, I have no doubt that our Hilden facility will be running at capacity,” 3M’s head of Central European operations, Dirk Lange, told regional business promotion agency NRW.Global Business.

Companies that come to Germany benefit not just from a presence in Europe’s largest market but also from the prestige that entails.

“Protective masks Made in Germany are also expected to sell well across the European Union, which is Germany’s number-one export destination in medical technologies,” Germany Trade & Invest health industry expert Gabriel Flemming says. “The quality label stands for reliability and effectivity and is popular all around the world. Many EU countries have import rates of medtech with a Made in Germany share of twenty to twenty-five percent.”

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