German Politicians call for Center of Excellence for Digitization of the Construction Sector

November 2019

The parliamentary groups of the governing coalition parties have called for a national center of excellence dedicated to digitization in the planning and construction sectors.

The aim of the Center for Building Information Modeling (BIM) is to create coordinated and uniform specifications for building construction and civil engineering in federal construction work, explain the members of parliament in a motion.

The center should also focus on advice, training and standardization.

“The standards and products developed by the competence center will be made available to the entire construction value chain,” the motion states.

The legislators hope that this will help support small and medium-sized planning offices and enterprises in their digital transformation.

Through virtual simulation, BIM enables the digitization of the entire planning, construction and building management process and creates transparency between all involved in the process. BIM aims to increase efficiency, optimize resource use, and minimize the risk of cost and time overruns.

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GTAI: Digitizing the construction industry (in English)

Bundestag: Motion 19/14341 (PDF in German)

Augmented reality  © Gerd Altmann on Pixabay