German Researchers Develop “Circular“ Food Transport Packaging

October 2022

German R&D powerhouse the Fraunhofer Society have come up with a new form of bio-based polylactide (PLA) particle foams for food shipping containers.

The modular transport box prototype  is completely circular and can be used to transport both foods that require refrigeration and those that do not. The separation of the two will help save energy, Fraunhofer says.

In addition, built-in sensor technology allows the packaging to be traced.

The prototype box is one of a number of ongoing Fraunhofer innovative, sustainable PLA and plastic projects. Other range from industrial coating thickness measurements to residual material streams from pulp production to micro-moldable plastic/light metal hybrid material composite injection molding.

The EU has passed stringent regulations as part of its Circular Economy Action Plan to curb the amount of non-recyclable, non-reusable plastic in European society.

© Fraunhofer CCPE