Germans Warm to Social Shopping

November 2021

Among the German consumer habits that have changed during the coronavirus pandemic is the general attitude to purchasing items on social media. A new study carried out by business magazine Wirtschaftswoche and pollsters YouGov suggests that people in the country are growing more enthusiastic about so-called social shopping.

20 percent of consumers asked in 2021 said that they had bought products on social media, compared with 18 percent last year. The most popular platforms to shop on were Facebook and Instragram, with 43 percent of respondents indicating that they either had or were willing make purchases on the former.

Not surprisingly, the younger Germans are, the more likely they are to shop on socmed. The age demographics also reflect the growing significance of influencers on consumer decisions. Social shopping also has a multiplier effect for suppliers and retailers since almost 30 percent of those asked said that they had shared pictures of their purchases on their own social media accounts.

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